Our Story

Landour Coffee was started in the Spring of 2019 by a group of friends in an attempt to capture the mystique of Landour in a cup of freshly roasted coffee. We’re an unlikely family - coming from all over the world to find each other in Landour, Mussoorie. We invite you to experience a bit of the magic of the hillside with us. 

Our Team

Lotte, our Grand Panetier, draws upon her homeland of the Netherlands to bring Dutch-inspired baked goods and good coffee to Mussoorie. She loves to travel and has found herself falling in love with the breathtaking Himalayan surroundings. Lotte has 20 years of experience in hospitality and runs the full operations at Landour Coffee and our partner cafe, Lotte’s Homebaked Goods. Next time you are in Mussoorie to say hello and sample some of her creations alongside a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Vidur is our Ambassadeur d'Arabica. A Mussooriewalla, Vidur is passionate about welcoming visitors to experience the uniqueness of the hillside and its residents. After 17 years in the hospitality management industry overseas, he returned to Landour to invite others to enjoy his hometown.

Rohan, our Espresso Elementalist , can be found outdoors anytime. Having solo summited a number of Himalayan peaks, Rohan brings his meticulous planning and pursuit of perfection to the roasting and brewing process at Landour Coffee.

Ben, our Chief Alchemist, loves the outdoors and new beginnings. Originally from a small town in Ohio, Ben spent over a decade building friendships and brewing trouble in North India. He recently moved back to the US to give Mussoorie a break from his shenanigans - at least for now!

Marcus, our Coffee Evangelist, loves to cook and is rarely without a house full of guests. An alumni of Woodstock School, Marcus can currently be found in the US - or in Myanmar - or in Mussooire - or somewhere in transit between the three.

MaryAnn, our Sustainability Sorceress, is passionate about preserving our beautiful planet and has the best smile on the team. She grew up in Dubai, studied in the Netherlands, practiced her magic in Mussoorie, and is currently pursuing her Phd in Switzerland.


Tucked away in an evergreen forest on the highest ridge above Mussoorie, the small community of Landour welcomes travellers to escape the heat and dust of the plains and immerse themselves in the fresh air, clear views and unhurried pace of mountain life. Home to authors and poets, Landour invites us to pause and reflect, to reconnect with ourselves and the nature around us. We try and capture a bit of this magic in every cup.